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Dan Boylan

Published on Jan 1, 2008 by Luke Hunt

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Dan Boylan worked on his first political campaign at the age of 11 and by 18 witnessed the protests in Tiananmen Square.

Boylan’s journalism career began soon after in his native Boston before he covered Asia as a freelance correspondent during the Hong Kong Handover and Asian Economic Crisis of 1998.

Boylan worked as an International News Editor at Associated Press HQ in New York City, won a Fulbright Fellowship for research in Jakarta, then completed a Journalism Professorship in Shanghai and wrote for The Washington Times.

Across the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia post 9/11, Boylan served as a public affairs advisor to the US Military and other foreign governments. He currently writes essays on politics, literature, language and culture, and recently won acclaim at the Cannes Film Festival for a comedy about terrorism.