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Historical analysis

Surviving Saigon in 1945

Published on Jan 1, 2022 by Luke Hunt

A podcast with Thierry de Roland Peel, who will shortly release his first book “Ashes from Annam,” which tells the story of how his mother and her family survived the incredible upheavals in Saigon at the end of World War II when the occupying Japanese realized they had lost.Central to the story is the family dog, Mephisto, a lively Groenendael, who delivered secret messages to the outside world as the frontlines surrounding their home changed constantly with the Japanese, French, British, and Vietnamese communists vying for control and influence.De Roland Peel also serves-up a delightful history lesson about a time and place that deserves greater attention, in particular how Japan kickstarted the first Indochina war, drawing the United States into....

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Hong Kong Before the Handover

Published on Mar 14, 1998 by Luke Hunt

Love is a Many Splendoured Thing was a fitting 1950s Hollywood tribute to romance. Hong Kong war correspondent falls in love with local girl. He dies. She cries. A decade later, Honkers is a Cold War transit lounge where boy spy meets girl spy, they sleep together then part. Now it’s The Kong and Luke Hunt tries to explain.Rosie doesn’t see herself as a whore, after all she is discerning. The term prostitute is equally insulting and Rosie is uncomfortable. She fidgets – and with some pride proclaims: “I’m a barfly.”Indeed, she is the classic barfly, which in The Kong has its own peculiar definition, and is the last line in a game that is structured by the local rackets....

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