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An Unloved Australia Seals Its Cambodian Refugee Deal

Published on Sep 28, 2014 by Luke Hunt

The Australian government tries to bury a much-maligned resettlement deal for asylum seekers.Written by Luke Hunt forThe DiplomatIt was a dreadful omen. As Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison sat down with Cambodia’s Interior Minister Sar Kheng, hapless waiters accidentally dropped trays of champagne. Glasses clanged and smashed to the floor as the pair signed off on the fate of hundreds of refugees.It went from bad to worse as neither minister would talk about the details of the deal or accept questions from dozens of journalists, upsetting a Cambodian press corps understandably concerned about Australia’s plan to send refugees here from Nauru and Papua New Guinea.One Cambodian security guard intervened and told journalists to stop asking questions and be quiet as....

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